Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! (now back to work)

I know, how many times will we hear it. Oh well,  another year another way... that's my motto. There is one thing each year that is certain for me and that is I can't keep doing things the way I did them the year before. So I am in re-assess mode this month and getting on board with blogs seems like a great way to start doing things differently. The very subject of blogging is tied to a much broader issue with me and that is Social Media vs Knowledge Management (circa 08). There seems to have been much debate over the techo-cultural relevance and evolution of the two but for me I see them both hopelessly intertwined in our digital pursuit for success. Now, how you use them in your own personal quest for success is what makes this industry so much fun.

I have learned a great deal over the last year, (heck, years) and I hope that I can contribute something back into the industry that has given me most of my gray hair (my girls get credit for the rest).
So, in closing of my short inaugural blog, I would like to thank all those out there that have been an inspiration over the years by sharing and being social in their knowledge transfer and I encourage others this year to jump in, the water is fine... Go ahead and Social Media Network Knowledge Management Transfer away.

As for the tech side of this I, like several of my comrades, have left large companies recently to join forces to create what we consider to be an "elite" advanced wireless services organization that will bring balance to the Wi-Fi universe for our customers. How you might ask? Well, that will surely be subject matter for latter blogs. My new role has me wearing several hats and I feel my engineering roots slowly drying up. A pundit I shall never be but I will continue to immerse myself in what I enjoy, and share. So please feel free to engage, ask, tell me something about what you see here... just don't pass it by.

Thanks for reading.

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